Dealing and Safe Custody

King & Shaxson is the leading supplier of
transferable securities to UK Local Authorities.
We provide a pro-active service that considers the individual
treasury policy and lending criteria of the Council, to offer the best
available investment options.

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to introduce free custody
to local authorities
safe custody
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In order to invest in the full range of transferable securities, an investor must have access to a custodian account, in which the securities can be safely held. The significant costs associated with opening such an account had limited the ability for some investors to pursue such instruments. With the introduction of the custody service, King & Shaxson has made these instruments accessible to institutions of all sizes. Opening an account facilitates investment in the full range of instruments, enabling clients to diversify their portfolio and utilise unused counterparties on their lending lists.


Full access to our back office support is provided with a dealing and custody account. Our settlements team will deal with all aspects of the settlement process as well as any coupon payments and corporate actions on your holdings. Daily reconciliations of client assets are undertaken and monthly custody holding statements are provided. The account is held under the Client Asset rules of the FCA CASS Sourcebook.


The safety of our clients´ assets is paramount. All client holdings are segregated and subject to rigorous systems and controls which go above and beyond the requirements of being a custodian.


Our independent Valuation Service has direct access to current market levels and so is able to provide high quality accurate valuations which are not possible without continuous contact with the market. The service can be tailored to meet client needs.

The service facilitates investment in negotiable instruments including:

  • treasury bills;
  • certificates of deposit;
  • bonds;
  • floating rate notes;
  • commercial paper;
  • repos/secured lending
Jared Inkster head of compliance & legal
All assets purchased and money sent is received directly into client accounts and treated as client money until the trade settles, to ensure that there is no co-mingling. The custody account and the client bank accounts are segregated in accordance with the rules set out in the FCA’s Client Asset Sourcebook (“CASS”) and therefore client money and assets are separately identifiable from that of either King & Shaxson or our sub-custodian.