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King & Shaxson: Local Authority Division

Dealing & Custody

We are proud of our position as the leading provider of dealing and custody services to the UK Local Authority (LA) sector as well as to statutory bodies across England, Scotland and Wales.

K&S has dealt in the bond and money markets since 1866, celebrating our 150th anniversary this year. We have provided custody services since 1997 and assist LA treasury teams invest councils' surplus funds via the wholesale Money Markets, providing access to the following securities:
  • Treasury bills
  • Certificates of deposit & fixed deposits
  • Gilts
  • Fixed and floating bonds (financial, supranational, corporate and covered).
Our goal throughout is to add value. Our service facilitates the dealing, settlement and subsequent holding of marketable securities in a custodian account on behalf of local authorities/statutory bodies of all sizes. The minimum investment amount is £500,000.

The importance of having the flexibility to evolve with and respond to a constantly changing market environment should not be underestimated and access to negotiable instruments is imperative to achieve this. King & Shaxson's dedicated local authority team provide a pro-active service that considers the individual treasury policy and lending criteria of the council to offer the best available investment. All instruments fit comfortably within the DCLG's guidance of Security, Liquidity and Yield.

What is new in 2016?

A secure online dealing portal that offers:
  • Access to live market offers and prices in Certificates of Deposit, Fixed & Floating bonds, Treasury Bills and Inter LA cash.
  • Access to training information, recent presentations
  • Market research/commentary, economic news and LA updates
  • Book meetings & training sessions
  • Use online calculators to assist dealing in marketable securities.
If you would like access to the portal, or require more information, please contact your K&S Account Representative, or email support@kingsportal.co.uk


The Premier Service:
  • Dealing fees from as little as 2 basis points (0.02% p.a.) to a maximum of 3 basis points (0.03% p.a.)
  • Free custody account opening, no ongoing charges
  • Free year end valuations from our independent valuations team
  • King’s Portal; individual log-in for online dealing, instrument calculators, research notes and presentations as well as trade reports and valuation statements.
Custody Only Service:
  • Ongoing custody from as little as 1.5 basis points (0.015% p.a.) to 2 basis points (0.02% p.a.)

Treasury Management Strategies for 2016/17

Our K&S Local Authority Handbook, first published last year, has proven very popular amongst existing clients. As the time approaches to submit the forthcoming TMS, please us know if you would like to receive a hard or soft copy. The handbook contains the following:
  • An outline of our service
  • Information on each of the transferable securities & how they are currently being used by LAs
  • Treasury calculations
  • Useful tools
As ever, we would be delighted to visit your office to introduce ourselves and explain more about what we have to offer.

Please contact us below to arrange a meeting:

Paul Turner 020 7929 8529 paul.turner@kasl.co.uk