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Money Market

Money Market Price Page Login The heritage of King & Shaxson as a Discount House dating back to the mid-nineteenth century is enshrined in the money markets and this is an area where we remain active to this day.

Acting as a matched principal in negotiable money market instruments anonymity is assured. We are able to provide our clients with an efficient trading service in certificates of deposit (CDs) and Treasury bills. (Please see the Certificates of Deposit and Treasury Bill product guides for further information.) We also provide access to the Gilt repo market.

We are listed by the Debt Management Office (DMO) of the UK Treasury as a primary participant in the Treasury bill market enabling us to bid, on behalf of investors, at Treasury bill tenders. We are also active in the secondary market.

Using King & Shaxson allows access to the primary market in terms of CDs and the stock of secondary holdings throughout the rest of our client base.

Where required, we can provide a low cost custody service for ease of settlement to those clients who do not have access to such facilities.

For off-balance sheet instruments, such as interest rate swaps, caps and floors we can arrange for trading counterparties to be set up and execute transactions on our clients behalf.