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The King & Shaxson Group

King & Shaxson is a long-established City name, with a history that goes back to the mid-nineteenth century. From the middle of the 1980s, the firm has successfully built on its traditional strengths in the bond and money markets to expand into dealing in equities and fund management.

King & Shaxson is owned by PhillipCapital, a financially strong and developing Singaporean financial services company. PhillipCapital employs 3,000 people worldwide, with its major interests in Singapore, Hong Kong and other regions of the Far East. The development of London is an important element in PhillipCapital's global growth plan.

The aim of King & Shaxson is always to offer our clients the best possible service in all aspects of our business.

King & Shaxson Limited

The core team of King & Shaxson Limited has been together since 1985, drawn from a diversity of professional backgrounds and our blend of experience, skill and dedication is shared with our varied client base. We are a leading dealer in bonds (governments, supranationals and corporates), both fixed and floating rate and money market instruments including certificates of deposit and Treasury bills.

We are listed by the Debt Management Office (DMO) of the UK Treasury as a primary participant in the Treasury bill market enabling us to bid, on behalf of investors, at Treasury bill tenders.

Our diverse client base includes institutions such as pension funds, fund managers, insurance companies, hedge funds, building societies, local authorities, international banks and charities.

The service we provide is tailored to the individual client. This varies from, at one extreme, a fast, competitive, execution-only type service, to, at the other, a full advisory and discretionary service. We can offer varying degrees of advice to suit each customer, ranging from very short intra-day trading views to the longer-term perspective. We are also able to advise on other areas such as asset allocation and performance against the various indices.

We never take principal positions and any advice we give about the level of the market or specific stocks is completely unbiased. Furthermore, as we deal as a matched principal, we preserve our clients' anonymity. Advice on markets is available from a highly experienced team with varying backgrounds including traders, fund managers, market makers and economists.

Our efficient and reliable settlements department is of vital importance in the successful delivery of our professional services.

King & Shaxson Asset Management

King & Shaxson Asset Management (KSAM) was established in December 2003.

King & Shaxson provides distinctive ethical investment management services, with a focus on investing in solutions to social and environmental challenges. We manage personal portfolios according to your own ethical and financial criteria.

The Cash Management team of KSAM specialises in the investment of cash assets. Cash is too often seen as the poor relation of the equity and bond classes. In the current economic environment of low interest rates and low inflation, the returns that are earned on simple deposits can be negligible, unless the asset is properly managed. Our active approach uses a disciplined investment process, which is designed to optimise the return on the portfolio. It will use a range of instruments to achieve this end, including certificates of deposit, Treasury bills, floating rate notes and Gilts.

King & Shaxson Group Legal and Regulatory Information
PhillipCapital UK Ltd (Company Number: 2863591) and King & Shaxson Limited (Company Number: 869780), a member of the London Stock Exchange, are companies registered in England and are a part of the PhillipCapital Group. The Registered Office for both companies is 6th Floor, Candlewick House, 120 Cannon Street, London, EC4N 6AS.
PhillipCapital UK Ltd (Firm Reference Number: 169760) and King & Shaxson Limited (Firm Reference Number: 179213) are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, 25 The North Colonnade, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5HS

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