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Cash Management
Cash is KING & SHAXSON !

The efficient investment of surplus cash assets

Our Cash Management Division specialises in the investment of cash assets. Cash is the poor relation of
the asset classes in comparison to equities and bonds. The returns earned on cash are sometimes overlooked. In the current low inflation, low interest rate environment the returns on cash can become negligible if not managed appropriately.

Our active management service employs a detailed investment process aimed at optimising the return on the portfolio. It uses a combination of instruments to achieve this end, including:

Fixed Deposits
Certificates of Deposit
Treasury Bills
Floating Rate Notes
Corporate Bond

Segregated Cash Management

For organisations with in excess of £20m in cash assets or those with specific requirements, our segregated cash management service can be tailored specifically to your needs. Particular emphasis can be given to restrictions regarding counterparty exposures, investment instruments and maturity profiles. With the necessary restrictions in place we are then able to put your assets to work in an efficient and productive way.

Let us introduce our management team
MARC DODD Marc has specialised in treasury markets for over twenty years, starting his career at Leopold Joseph & Sons (private bankers). Marc has extensive experience in all aspects of cash, securities and derivative trading. He was instrumental in helping small building societies to gain approval from the Building Societies Commission to deal in derivatives in order to hedge longer term interest rate exposures. From 1995 until 2001 Marc co-founded and ran cash management services at an investment management company and spent the following year at Shepshed Building Society. Marc joined King & Shaxson in January 2002 and is our Director of Cash Management.
Email : marc.dodd@kasl.co.uk
Phone : 020 7929 8483