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Asset Management

King & Shaxsons Asset Management team, were initially established in the late 80s as the UK fund management team of Swiss Life, a major international insurance company. In 2003, this team was acquired by King & Shaxson to form the basis of its asset management business.

Our investment approach to equities and fixed interest is an active one and the team aims to deliver a return over time appreciably better than benchmark. Our customers include pension funds and insurance companies and as well as having a range of pooled vehicles, we have the ability to offer a bespoke segregated service, to meet the precise needs of the client.

Our fund managers have broad range of specialisations, and cover equities in all the major markets, UK gilts and indexlinked bonds, international government and supranational bonds and UK and international corporate fixed income securities. To add to this, we have an in-house Ethical Investment capability, which is of increasing interest to many of our clients.

Cash has often be described as the forgotten asset class of the allocation model. Our objective is to ensure that this is not the case so we also have a specialist cash management team. This team aims to deliver an optimised return in a low risk, liquid environment, in excess of simple deposit interest rates by using a range of instruments, such as certificates of deposit, Treasury bills, floating rate notes and short-dated gilts.

We believe that a close focus on customer requirements and a dedicated investment process are the keys to delivering a flexible, first class service.